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UDH is proud of our strong showing in the 2022 midterms, not only in the November general election but also with the amazing victory of Reverend Warnock in the Georgia special election.  Our UDH staff and volunteers worked hard calling, texting and sending postcards for our California candidates as well as in critical battlegrounds around the country.  The Senate victories in Nevada and Arizona were especially gratifying for the UDH’s who joined canvassing, phone calling, post carding and other efforts in those states.

       While the election season is over, there is still important work to do.  With Republicans gaining an extremely narrow majority in the House, Democrats will have to be alert to their disinformation and anti-democratic ploys.  We will also need to support President Biden’s efforts to enact meaningful legislation in support of voting rights, climate change mitigation, women’s health, labor rights and other important initiatives.  And as the war in Ukraine continues, Democrats will also be challenged to continue to support the brave regime in Kyiv.  

       In our highly partisan and contested political environment, there will be very little rest for the weary.  The presidential campaign season has already begun, and with it all the down-ballot battles as well.  In 2024, Democrats will be facing an uphill battle in the Senate with 23 seats to defend compared with the Republicans, who have only 10 seats to defend. And locally, 2024 will bring contests in many local seats, including State Senate and Assembly, as well as local school board and community college elections.

       As always, the UDH will serve as a clearinghouse for information and events for our Democratic clubs and grassroots organizations, as well as a source for national and statewide Democratic events and happenings.  Thank you to all our staff, volunteers and loyal supporters.  The UDH is stronger and more important than ever as we face ongoing threats to our democracy.

Hoyt Hilsman

Chair, UDH Steering Committee

Hoyt Hilsman, Chair

United Democratic Headquarters Steering Committee

Pasadena, California

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